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voldemort-twerks-for-jesus asked:
Hey, do you know any good marauder era, or JILY fics?


A fabulous question, and one I’m so glad to have been asked. Though now that I have, I realise that I sadly do not know of many (still searching myself), but here’s what I have saved in my favourites:

Promises Unbroken (and the rest of the Unbroken Universe) by Robin4
THE best Marauders fics ever written. Ever. The Unbroken Universe is an AU series centred around the idea of Sirius being the Potters’ Secret Keeper and not Peter. The Marauders’ friendship is just so wonderfully done, and it’s a very rich, very well written saga that I kid you not rivals the books themselves. It’s set in the adult lives of the Marauders and does get a little brutal/squeamish at times, but if you read one story on this list, make it this one!

New Beginnings by daisley
Focuses on Remus’s struggle with his lycanthropy in his early Hogwarts years and the others finding out about it. Nicely done, still ongoing with regular updates. Definitely worth a look.

The Nuance of Black by MizDazey
A little OOC and loose with the canon, but still an enjoyable read. The author has a very engaging style and there’s much angst involved! Hogwarts-era Marauders, though focuses mostly on Sirius and James, with bits of Jily.

Haggis From Algernon by Rude Gus
Delightfully hilarious. Lots of Jily interaction, and James tries to train his cat (what could possibly go wrong?!).

The Marauders’ Notes by Esin of Sardis
A collection of notes and letters sent between the Marauders and Lily. A funny one and a really easy read.

And that is all I have right now. Followers, feel free to add more/send in suggestions! I’m totally up for making a fic masterlist if I get enough in my favourites.

And you know what? I’m going to shamelessly pimp out my own Marauders-era fic Year of the Wolf, so go read that if you are so inclined :P. It’s set in the Marauders’ fifth year, and involves sprinklings of Jily that have admittedly yet to appear.


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